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Chiharu Shiota (塩田 千春, Shiota Chiharu) (born 1972) is a Japanese performance and installation artist. Educated in Japan, Australia, and Germany, Shiota interweaves materiality and the psychic perception of the space to explore ideas around the body and flesh, personal narratives that engage with memory, territory, and alienation. Her signature installations, which consist of dazzling, intricate networks of threads stretching across gallery rooms, made the artist rise to fame in the 2000s. Shiota has exhibited worldwide and represented Japan in the 56th Venice Biennale in 2015.

About Dr. Tom Huang

Dr. Tom Huang is critical care doctor specialises in retrieval medicine. He also works as a freelance photographer for more than 15 years. When he is not working, he enjoys flying, playing guitar, and badminton!


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